worldwide installations

In Futura we are not only interested in the design and manufacture of our products, but we also care about post-sales support.

For this reason we manage the delivery and assembly of our fruit grading systems and we guarantee direct support but also remote connection to our computers, having the possibility for our staff to work directly on your Futura products from our headquarters and solve your problems quickly and efficiently

Logika grading machines offer high precision technologies and top production rates for your fruit and vegetables sorting process

Futura grading systems are designed to preserve all the properties of your fruit maintaining high production rates

Futura staff takes care of its customers step by step: analysis of the requirements, machine design and production, shipment and after sales assistance

Supervise your grading machine with your tablet or smartphone and receive remote assistance with a direct connection from our staff


If you need any further information about our fruit grading machines, please contact us!