Uzbek citizens get acquainted with a new product – multicolored cauliflower

In the summer of 2021, the media reported that Ukrainian farmers had grown an unusual variety of cabbage. The debut harvest of this new vegetable seriously interested retail owners and restaurateurs. The organization "Magnat Agro Image Lviv" entered this variety in the register on the territory of Ukraine and, as the official distributor of seeds of this vegetable, offered its customers to test them on the field. About ten manufacturers of the Lviv region reacted positively to this initiative.


And this year farmers of Uzbekistan also wanted to try out a new fruit. According to EastFruit (Uzbekistan), yellow and purple cabbage appeared in the bazaars and counters of the Korzinka supermarket chain in Tashkent.

Since multicolored cauliflower is a novelty on the shelves of Uzbekistan, it costs a little more expensive than simple cauliflower. While retail prices for traditional cauliflower vary between 6000 - 12,000 soums ($0.55 - $1.1) per piece (mainly in Uzbekistan, prices for cauliflower in stores are calculated per piece), the novelty in retail “Korzinka" costs 24,990 soums ($2.3).
Based on the comments left in the Telegram channel of the, some Uzbeks are wary of this product, believing that it is simply dyed cabbage and, of course, there are those who want to try it with pleasure.

A source: EastFruit

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